June 2017 is “Worcester: Impact on Sexual Health Awareness Month” in Worcester!

All of us at the WISH Task Force extend our thanks to Mayor Joe Petty and the Worcester City Counselors for proclaiming June as WISH Awareness Month at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, June 6. We were joined at the event by WISH Task Force members and youth from the Get Real Teen Council.

Please join us in raising awareness of the importance of supporting Worcester youth to develop healthy relationships and sexual health!

Proclamation text:
“WHEREAS, improving community and clinical linkages to improve sexual health outcomes is a priority in the Greater Worcester Community Health Improvement Plan; and
WHEREAS, Worcester cares about reducing teen birth and STI rates among our youth; and
WHEREAS, Worcester youth want and need education and health services to help them learn how to have positive relationships and stay healthy; and
WHEREAS, Worcester youth want adults they can trust in their lives to talk with honestly and openly and parents, caregivers and other trusted adults are the most important sources of role modeling for youth; and
WHEREAS, evidence-based sexuality education has been shown to have a positive impact on preventing teen pregnancies and STIs and promoting healthy behaviors; and
WHEREAS, W.I.S.H. is a Worcester community task force with the goal to improve economic, educational and social outcomes for our youth by making a positive impact on their relationships and health; and
WHEREAS, Worcester adults can find information about how to support youth’s healthy development and promote healthy relationships at www.wishtaskforce.org;
NOW, THEREFORE, I, Joseph M. Petty, Mayor of the City of Worcester, Massachusetts, DO HEREBY PROCLAIM June 2017 as
in Worcester, and commend this observance to our citizens.”